(Working on) Two types of trains. (Possible Compition)

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(Working on) Two types of trains. (Possible Compition)

Post by Timothy Ashtön on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:50 pm

Well, here is my project for LB when ever I get on, I've been building an old Steam Train, and hopefully (I will need help by a Lua coder for this.) a Magnet Train.

More or less the Steam will be for show and both will operate without rails, though how both will they move is up to what the blueprint allow, (Unnaturally due to the fact that rails are the trains steering, this steam will have a more or less 'tank' way of moving. The Magnet, it will 'levitate' since this is how it originally operates)

Either way the steam will be worked on first, if anyone wants to, see if they can build one. Steam or Magnet. No specifics, other than Stability and movement (Forward, backward, turning) Have at it, and I'll edit this post the show my own progress. Very Happy
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