AR-40A Drosophila Melanogaster

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AR-40A Drosophila Melanogaster

Post by Echo_Delta_Oscar on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:17 am

This plane is the second smallest I've ever created, and it is the first I gave analog control. Il is designed to be operated via a 2 axis (pitch and yaw) plus throttle joystick, while yaw control is still on the A and D keys on the keyboard.
F to retract/deploy landing gears, G to toggle autopilot, E for wheel brakes.


   Yaw(default=0, min=-10, max=10, step=1)
   Ster(default=90, min=70, max=180)
   Rudd(default=0, min=-10, max=10, step=0)
   Trim(default=0, min=-360, max=360, step=0)
   Throttle(default=0, min=0, max=40000, step=0)
   Engine(default=0, min=0, max=40000, step=0)
   Jet(default=0, min=0, max=100000)
   Jetang(default=-130, min=-130, max=-120, step=0)
   Gear(default=0, min=0, max=1, step=0)
   Gear1(default=90, min=90, max=180)
   Gear2(default=90, min=90, max=180)
   ALVL(default=0, min=0, max=1, step=0)
   BRK(default=0, min=0, max=200, step=200)
   Smoke(default=1, min=1, max=4)


   16:BRK(step=10), ABR(step=15)

Body {
   Core(color=#405000){ N:Cowl(angle=-140, option=5, effect=#a000){}
      E:Cowl(angle=-120, option=3, effect=#a000){}
      W:Cowl(angle=-120, option=4, effect=#a000){}

      N:Frame(angle=-150, option=1){N:Jet(angle=Jetang, power=Jet, effect=smoke){}}

      E:Cowl(angle=-120, color=#304000){}
      W:Cowl(angle=-120, color=#304000){}

      N:TrimF(angle=Ster, option=1){N:Wheel(angle=180, brake=Gear){}}
      E:Chip(color=#405000){E:Wheel(angle=Gear2, brake=BRK){}
      E:Trim(angle=RollE, color=#000000){}}
      W:Chip(color=#405000){W:Wheel(angle=Gear2, brake=BRK){}
      W:trim(angle=-RollW, color=#000000){}}
      S:Trim(angle=90, color=#405000){E:Trim(angle=Yaw, color=#405000){}}

      E:Cowl(angle=-120, color=#304000){}
      W:Cowl(angle=-120, color=#304000){}

      E:Trim(angle=Pitch, color=#405000){}
      W:Trim(angle=-Pitch, color=#405000){}}}


   print 0,"Cleared to Proceed"
   print 1,"CAUTION! ANALOG CONTROL! Mass: ",_WEIGHT()," kg"
   print 2,"Power at ", Throttle/400,"%, Efficiency: ",Efficiency,"%"
   print 3,"Speed: ", _VEL()*3600/1852," knots, ",_VEL()," m/s"
   print 5,"Max Speed: 130 kts, without ordnance"
   print 6," Fuel:",_FUEL(),", Fuel LVL: ",_FUEL()/120000,"%"
   print 7,"Heading: ",_TODEG(_AY())

   print 9,"Trim: ",Trim,", Rudder: ",Rudd



   if Throttle=(0){

   if Throttle>(0){

   if Throttle>(0) & Engine<(200){


   if ALVL=(0){

   if Gear=(0){

   if Gear=(1){

   if ALVL=(1){
   print 11,"AUTO LEVEL ON"}

   if ALVL=(1) & _KEY(9)>0{

   if ALVL=(1) & _KEY(7)>0{

   if ALVL=(1) & _KEY(0)>0{

   if ALVL=(1) & _KEY(1)>0{

   if ALVL=(0){
   print 11,"AUTO LEVEL OFF"}

   if _KEY(5)>(0){

   if Throttle>(0){

   if Throttle>(14000){

   if Throttle>(30000){

   if Throttle>(34000){

   if _KEY(6)>(0){


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Re: AR-40A Drosophila Melanogaster

Post by Thorero on Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:31 pm

Brilliant little plane!


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