Willing to Move Forums?

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Willing to Move Forums?

Post by Thorero on Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:01 am

I'm back, and I'm back with some good news. I've been working on a more permanent home for the community. I've got permission from Takeya to host the actual RigidChips program, I've got a shiny new forum, and best of all, I've cobbled together a script for phpBB3 that lets users upload and download files, all from within the site. An actual downloads section, no more pastebins or [code].

So the big question is this.

Would you folks be willing to shift sites, one more time? I could set this forum to read only, so all the posts will still be readable, and just have a big redirect notice. At worst, you might have to create a new account on the new forums. What do you say?


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Re: Willing to Move Forums?

Post by Timothy Ashtön on Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:21 am

Besides the fact that I have took leave once again for a very long time due to other interest and life events. I wouldn't mind the community being moved once more so the admins obtain a higher ease of use for a site forum. Though this is my opinion and it has nearly been a month since this post and no one else has comments which could mean either inactivity, have yet to scroll down the main page, or are neutral to the decision the admins make.

All in all, if it'll help you guys, I say yes

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