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4WD - 45

Post by Fox Explorer on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:11 am

“One of the most versatile cars ever!” – A Reliable Source

Introducing the all new 4WD – 45. With three different drive train modes, and a user defined engine acceleration level, we (Just me really lol) at Fox Explorer Productions believe that the 4WD – 45 is the best in its class (Non-Jet-Jump-Race-Touring Car).

Drive Train:
When it comes to its drive train the 4WD – 45 is extremely unique, with it you no longer have to settle for just a 4-Wheel Drive car, now with the simple push of a button you can change between 4-Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, and Front Wheel Drive.

The 4WD – 45 features a user defined engine acceleration level with a range of 200-16000. This allows the car to be used in a variety of different environments, anywhere from a large flat area to jumping between platforms to drag races.

0-60mph (96.5kph) in 2.60 seconds or 78 frames (A.L. 200)
0-60mph (96.5kph) in 2.33 seconds or 70 frames (A.L. 400)
0-60mph (96.5kph) in 2.26 seconds or 68 frames (A.L. 600)
0-60mph (96.5kph) in 2.20 seconds or 66 frames (A.L. 800)

Top Speed:
The top tested speeds on a flat drag strip are:

210mph (337.9kph) In Normal Mode
310mph (498.9kph) In Aerodynamic Mode
85mph (136.8kph) With Air Breaks Activated

Fuel Economy:
With this car you will receive about 380 usage seconds or 6.33 minutes (At full fuel consumption)

Jumping Capabilities:
In the Jumping Scenario that Fox Explorer Productions produced, the 4WD – 45 can jump 7220 feet (2200 meters) on average.

So without further adieu I now present the 4WD – 45.


// [RCD] 4WD
   A(default=-10, min=-45, max=0, step=4)
   B(default=0, min=-40, max=10, step=4)
   BRAKE(default=0, max=10000, step=10000)
   BT(default=0, max=3, step=3)
   C(default=0, max=1000000, step=1000000)
   DT(default=1, min=1, max=3)
   EL(default=1, min=1, max=10)
   ENGINE(default=0, min=-16000, max=16000, step=16000)
   ENGINE2(default=0, min=-16000, max=16000, step=16000)
   G(default=0, max=100000, step=100000)
   HANDLE(default=0, min=-30, max=30, step=5)
   L(default=200, max=16000)
   L2(default=1, max=1)
   5:A(step=-4), B(step=-4)
   6:A(step=4), B(step=4)
   Core() {
      W:Frame(option=1) {
         W:Frame(angle=-95, option=1) {
            S:RudderF(angle=-35, option=1) {
               S:Wheel(power=-Engine2, brake=Brake) { }
         S:Chip(angle=A) { }
      E:Frame(option=1) {
         E:Frame(angle=-95, option=1) {
            S:RudderF(angle=35, option=1) {
               S:Wheel(power=Engine2, brake=Brake, name=TY) { }
         S:Chip(angle=A) { }
      S:Frame(option=1) {
         S:Trim(angle=90) { }
      N:Frame(angle=10, option=1) {
         N:Frame(option=1) {
            W:Trim(angle=-B) {
               W:Frame(angle=-95, option=1) {
                  N:Wheel(angle=-HANDLE, power=-ENGINE, brake=Brake) { }
            E:Trim(angle=B) {
               E:Frame(angle=-95, option=1) {
                  N:Wheel(angle=HANDLE, power=ENGINE, brake=Brake) { }
            N:Frame(option=1) { }
   if DT=1 & L2=1 & _KEY(0)>0 {ENGINE=(ENGINE-L)/EL}
   if DT=1 & L2=1 & _KEY(1)>0 {ENGINE=(ENGINE+L)/EL}
   if DT=1 & L2=1 & _KEY(0)>0 {ENGINE2=(ENGINE2-L)/EL}
   if DT=1 & L2=1 & _KEY(1)>0 {ENGINE2=(ENGINE2+L)/EL}

   if DT=2 & L2=1 & _KEY(0)>0 {ENGINE=ENGINE-L*0}
   if DT=2 & L2=1 & _KEY(1)>0 {ENGINE=ENGINE+L*0}
   if DT=2 & L2=1 & _KEY(0)>0 {ENGINE2=(ENGINE2-L)/EL}
   if DT=2 & L2=1 & _KEY(1)>0 {ENGINE2=(ENGINE2+L)/EL}

   if DT=3 & L2=1 & _KEY(0)>0 {ENGINE=(ENGINE-L)/EL}
   if DT=3 & L2=1 & _KEY(1)>0 {ENGINE=(ENGINE+L)/EL}
   if DT=3 & L2=1 & _KEY(0)>0 {ENGINE2=ENGINE2-L*0}
   if DT=3 & L2=1 & _KEY(1)>0 {ENGINE2=ENGINE2+L*0}

   if _KEYDOWN(14)>0 {DT=DT+1}
   if _KEYDOWN(7)>0 {DT=DT-1}

   if BT>1 {BRAKE=10000}
   if BT=3 {BT=0}

   print 0,"FPS=",_FPS(),"  Chips=",_CHIPS(),"  Weight=",_WEIGHT(),"  Weight=",_WEIGHT()*2.204," Lbs"
   print 1,"Width=",_WIDTH(),"  Height=",_HEIGHT()
   print 2,"Faces=",_FACE()
   print 3,"Fuel:",_FUEL()," Fuel LVL: ",_FUEL()*100/13000000,"%"

   print 5,"Wheel Brakes:"
   if _KEY(4)>0 {print 5,"Wheel Brakes: Activated"}

   print 6,"Air Brakes:"
   if _KEY(5)>0 {print 6,"Air Brakes: Activated"}
   if _KEY(6)>0 & _KEY(5)>0 {print 6,"Air Brakes: Error"}

   print 7,"Aerodynamic Mode:"
   if _KEY(6)>0 {print 7,"Aerodynamic Mode: Activated"}
   if _KEY(6)>0 & _KEY(5)>0 {print 7,"Aerodynamic Mode: Error"}

   if _H()>2 | _H()<0 {print 7,"Flight Mode:"}
   if _KEY(6)>0 & _H()>2 | _KEY(6)>0 &  _H()<-1 {print 7,"Flight Mode: Activated"}

   print 9,"X=",_X (CORE)
   print 10,"Y=",_Y (CORE)
   print 11,"Z=",_Z (CORE)

   if DT=1 {print 13,"Drive: 4WD"}
   if DT=2 {print 13,"Drive: RWD"}
   if DT=3 {print 13,"Drive: FWD"}

   print 14,"Engine Step: ",L

   print 15,"Engine Limit: ",16000/EL

   print 17,"Arrow Keys:  Drive"
   print 18,"Z:  Wheel Breaks"
   print 19,"X:  Air Breaks"
   print 20,"C:  Aerodynamic Mode"
   print 21,"Q/A:  Drive Train"
   print 22,"W/S:  Acceleration Level"
   print 23,"E/D:  Engine Limiter"

   print 25,"Speed: ",-_VZ(0)*3600/1000/1.609344," mph"

Controls are in game.
Please tell me what you think! Smile
(There is a Engine Limiter that is not mentioned above because it does not work like i want it to, if anyone know how to fix this please let me know.)

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